Build Quality

When you buy a CSP CCTV product, you are installing safe, secure protection in a solution that it built to last and fit for purpose.CSP Technology products will perform at the highest level: providing the ultimate in CCTV quality of image and resolution, while at the same time providing the most robust and vandal/tamper resistant cameras that money can buy.

Put simply; you can buy cheaper, but you can not buy better.


All of our products are constructed from the finest materials and designed to withstand attacks from even the most determined of vandals or intruders.


      Our products offer:


  • Tamper-proof protection through secure mounting and fixing systems
  • Toughened Polycarbonate domes and camera windows
  • A range of lockable, flush-mount and hidden-wire base-units
  • High-grade stainless steel and aluminium unit housings
  • Versatile camera-cradles for ultimate coverage
  • A range of discrete and covert or bold and highly-visible designs
  • External or internal solutions (IP66 rating & Waterproof IP67 Rating)
  • Vari-focal auto-iris and range of fixed lens options
  • High-resolution mono, colour or day/night cameras for a superb, clear image quality
  • Day/night Infra-Red camera options for the ultimate in secure operation, whatever the light condition
  • 15 or 25 year guarantees on build guality





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